Finaly, it’s time to go to the academy and start the Type & Media course. First I met everyone in the cantine at ten. We are 9 in total which is 4 less then last year. This is good as we should get more time with our tutors.

At eleven we are shown the room where we will work the whole year. It’s rather tiny but there is enough room for everyone to feel fairly comfortable. Then we went around the school to look at all the workshops such as woodwork, silkscreen, photography, etc. Eventualy we went back to our room for the presentations. Everybody showed a short slide presentation with a beamer. It’s was nice to have an idea of what everybody made before coming to the academy. Some presentations were personal others where more about the work.

After the presentations we all had a well deserved drink in the backyard. It was a good time to ask Jan Willem Stas (director of Type & Media) all the questions we wanted to ask. I really wanted to ask him if he would let me write a blog about the course. As far as i know it’s ok for me to write a blog about Type & Media as long I don’t show or talk about poeple’s work without there consent. Since my intention is only to show my work I should not meet a lot of resistance.


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