Drawbot (1.0)


If you’re looking for a slow start you will be disappointed. Our first lesson on Monday morning was an introduction to Drawbot. This application will not frightened the veteran programmers. However, if like me you’re a complete novice you’ll regret not paying attention in math classes at school.

We are learning this application to introduce us to the programming language Python. This language is used in Fontlab and I guess it will be handy later when generating fonts. What’s good about Drawbot is the way you can easily generate graphics with a few lines of code. It’s a rewarding feeling for designers to be able to look at the result of their efforts. The graphics you generate with Drawbot can be exported in PDF and other standard formats or you can simply “drag & drop” in Illustrator. Drawbot is somehow quite limited, you can’t animate the graphics and you can’t generate 3D graphics. I shouldn’t worry about the limitations for moment since all I can do is turn it on and off.


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