Neither digital nor analog

Drawbot and calligraphy are quite different things. One is concerned with translating computer commands —or is it bits?— into shapes and the other is rather more ancient and relies only on your old fashion arm and hand to generate shapes.

Frankly I suck at Drawbot and I am not that great at calligraphy either. This makes for a bad combination because you feel at once stupid and clumsy. Too much of both becomes a dangerous cocktail of headaches and arm cramps.

All these new activities make me realize that I am part of that very short generation of designers who can’t use a pair of scissors and are scared of their own computers.

In the past there was a generation of designers who learned to cut and stick letters together with illustrations and photographs. These guys liked to get their agile hands dirty. There was no hope for you in the design field if you had two left hands.

Soon there will be an army of young designers who program their own softwares, fix their own computers and turn buildings into giant Tetris game.

Well, maybe I fantasize a bit about the past and the future but I really believe that right now there is a whole bunch of designers out there whose best computer trick is to use command-Z.


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