From the original drawing I did a couple of weeks ago of the word “andes” I had to create a high contrast and a low contrast version. Although most of the drawings form the whole class look more or less the same you can gather that everyone came up with it’s own definition of what low and high contrast means. Even the normal wheight is a completely subjective notion. I have the impression that almsot everyone found the high contrast the most difficult to make. On the photos the high contrasts examples are not as black as they could be.

To create a low contrast from the normal weight you must add more to the thin parts and to get the high contrast from the normal weight you must keep the thin parts and add more to the thick parts. With the low contrast the serifs become problematic. You must either get rid of them or turn them into slab serfis. With the high contrast the serifs get less important but the real problem is to remain true to the original shapes. By pushing in as much black as possible it becomes difficult to keep the letters consistant with the normal weight.


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