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January 28, 2007




January 24, 2007

Finaly I can show you my stone. I carved the word LUNCH but with a V instead of a U. The reason being that the romans didn’t have U’s. Also U’s are harder to carve than V’s because the bottom is round and it’s difficult to make it look stable. So now it’s time to go to LVNCH!



Open Day at KABK

January 14, 2007


If you’re thinking of applying to TypeMedia program it’s a good idea to visit the school first. If it’s possible for you to come you should not hesitate to do so. There is nothing like meeting the students and the teachers to get a good idea of what the program feels like. At the end of the day I beleive that someone always chooses a course based on impressions and gut feeling. I am conviced that if you pay us a visit you will feel inspired. If you’re not sure yet what to go for there are other interesting postgrad programs like ArtScience or InteractiveMedia and I think there’s even something called Art & Sound. I hope to meet you on saturday 27th of January in the TypeMedia studio.