Congo & Congo Italic

Never thougth I would manage to draw the italic in three days. It’s amazing what I can do when I am stressed like hell. Bring the coffee and cigarettes!



4 Responses to “Congo & Congo Italic”

  1. macha Says:

    la plus belle typo du monde!!!
    Où peut-on se procurer ce fantastique travail?

    the most beautifull type in the world!!!
    Where can we find this fantastic work?

    Félicitation! Congratulations!

  2. sebsan Says:

    Available soon in all the good stores!

  3. richard Says:

    hey man, it looks great – really

  4. Guillaume Says:

    shure about the italic g? I would have closed it.

    But then again, I’m no typographer. Should see it used in sentences.

    Anyway, very nice indeed.

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