An introduction to type design

Yves Peters aka Unzipper wrote an interesting article about type design. The first part of a series of articles investigates the type designer as artist and tries to answer questions such as Why design new typefaces? or What constitutes good type design? It’s a good beginner’s read, something that would help my mom understand what the hell I am doing.

initial sketches for Greta by Peter Bil’ak


5 Responses to “An introduction to type design”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I am an Italian next year student at Type and Media.

    I read your weblog and I have seen you’re going to graduate next year,
    so I thought you should give me some usefull informations about rent,
    or you could know some opportunities there.

    Thanks a lot,


  2. sebsan Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    you’ll find some info in my first article:

    good luck and I’ll see you in September


  3. Jonathan Says:

    thank you a lot, we’ll meet there.
    If you hear something interesting about rent a room
    could you let me know?
    I am going to have a look at the post you suggested me.

    That’s my e-mail adress:

  4. sebsan Says:

    Ok, god luck jonny Bimbo 😉

    it’s mostly in Amsterdam but there are offers for appartements in The Hague too.

  5. Ebony Big Cumshot Says:

    Big Booty Cumshot

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