T]M Graduation 2006/07

Here are the all the final projects from the Type & Media departement. I am happy to let you know that everyone passed. The presentation went really well, everyone was quite relaxed and confident about their project. I also presented my porject although I was not graduating. I took this oportunity to talk about how I should approach my work during the next semester. My intention is to start a new typeface possibly influenced by completely different kind of construction principles. The jury suggested that I should clearly define the limits of my project. That is: What is the intended application for my typeface? What are the extremes and what falls outside of the limits of my project ? I am still unsure as how I will approach this new assignment but I am really motivated and I am looking forward to see everyone in september.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but my camera is crap!

grad-01.jpgPremiéra by Thomas Gabriel and Congo by Sébastien Sanfilippo

grad-02.jpgMarat by Ludwig Übele and Mexa by Eike Dingler

grad-03.jpgMahy by Marie Weynants

grad-04.jpgGenerated fonts by Sibe Kokke

grad-05.jpgAgile by Edgar Walthert

grad-06.jpgHonmun by Seonil Yun

grad-07.jpgNikandra by Sonja Ladebusch


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