T]M Graduation (photo update)

agile.jpgAgile by Edgar Walthert
congo-grad.jpgCongo by Sébastien Sanfilippo
honmun.jpgHonmun by Seonil Yun
mahy.jpgMahy by Marie Weynants
marat.jpgMarat by Ludwig Übele
mexa.jpgMexa by Eike Dingler
nikandra.jpgNikandra by Sonja Ladebusch
premiera.jpgPremiéra by Thomas Gabriel
sibe.jpgGenerated Fonts by Sibe Kokke


4 Responses to “T]M Graduation (photo update)”

  1. Stephen Coles Says:

    Thank you for sharing the posters. Wish I was there to see them in person.

    Many of these students are the future of type design. I’m particularly interested in seeing Marat, Nikandra, and Premiéra hit the retail market.

  2. Laura Meseguer Says:

    Yes Ramiro, thanks a lot, I’d love to know a bit more of every project. 😉
    Congratulations to everybody!

  3. Laura Meseguer Says:

    Thanks Ramiro for sharing your link, thanks to you for sharing the posters, ups

  4. Typeface addiction « The Fishy Star Says:

    […] earlier entry on the earlier student batch’s final project has some of the best typeface and design I have ever seen. He even presented his own work (although […]

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