Maybe it’s the other way around

The summer is over, I’ve found a flat and as promised I am posting the fruit of my typographic labour. Don’t forget to tell me what you’re thinking about it.alega02.jpgalega01.jpg 


6 Responses to “Maybe it’s the other way around”

  1. Rainer Says:

    Hi Seb,

    Remember me? I was that ‘other Austrian’ next to Tom at the final exam and on the KABK’s 325th anniversary. If you don’t remember me, it’s no problem, we’ve only met briefly once or twice.

    Anyway, I believe in order to judge your design better, I’d prefer a pdf with sample texts in various sizes. All I can say now is that I like the hook in the bows of the Roman e, n, m etc. but I believe you should apply it more consistently to the letters. How about the bows of o and b, for instance? I also believe the o is slightly too thick, the s slightly too small (or the u too big) and the descender of the y leans to far to the left. But again, this should be tested with longer texts and especially smaller sizes.

    As for the italic, I think a and p are a bit too straight and need to be slanted a degree or two more. And for my taste, the horizontal stroke of the t is a tad too high.

    So, and now I think I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed…
    See you, Rainer

  2. sebsan Says:

    Hi Rainer,

    I do remember you; you are Tom’s friend and you teach in Rotterdam. Right?
    Thanks for your comments, it’s really encouraging. I do agree with with you that I should supply a PDF. I’ll think about it.
    I am still working on the consitency throughout the letters. At the moment I haven’t found a suitable solution for the letters with round shapes. Appart for the “e”. But somehow in small print it deosn’t really work.
    As for the light slant of the italic; I keep it that way because I want to make a real space saving typeface.
    I am not sure about weights yet (what you see above is probably the light) and I still have to seriously work on the width of the letters.
    Keep RSSed!

  3. Tom Says:

    hey seb,

    Oh man, I’m very happy to see you in your element again, hope u had a great summa!?
    And since we don’t have the opportunity to meet, I’ll try to post u some feedback in that way.. oh and you still owe me a date (!!! u know to your finals-party):

    I think it’s a nice way to start a typefamily with the italic, have never thought about that.. even though it’s too early to talk about details, what I wanna say, I like the flavour of the italic, it’s fresh and let u work with very nice shapes.. I can imagine that some round forms will be difficult, but I think it has plenty of room for solutions on that!

    I don’t know about the roman yet, in my oppinion, there are some nice details from the italic missing, or just not pronounced enough.. what I certainly think, is that it is a bit too narrow, even though it should save space, I get that man, but readability could suffer..

    alright seb gotta go,
    I’m thrilled to see more coming! ENJOY!


  4. Marieke Says:

    Hey Seb,

    In general i had the same idea like Tom (hi Tom!) that your roman is a bit to condensed in comparison with your italic. And you are right: the italic is becoming really nice. Only i think the ‘a’ is to wide in comparison with the ‘h’ or ‘m’, or the other way round. But probably we can talk about details in typedesign all night long so i leave it here because i trust your eye more than mine. Only this: maybe you have to look at this typeface for his unusual details: Maybe it can give some inspiration for the finishing touch (you know i like swatches and extra’s).

    Anyway, i hope to see you in Antwerp and i hope you will come saturday 3th of november to my party in Ghent with Eike.

    xxx Marieke

  5. sebsan Says:

    Hi dudes!
    thanks for your comments!

    Tom: what are you up to at the moment? Setting up your foundry?

    Marieke: I will defenitely see you in Antwerp, don’t know about Gent yet.


  6. John Stahle Says:

    Hello Sebastian…I think Regatta (final name?) has great merit, but speaking as a type consumer in New York, I really think the market would respond more to this if it were wider in its overall proportions, both roman and italic (tho a bit less for italic, of course). More like Plantin, Joanna, Storm’s Regent II (your nearest relative) or Whitman (which is, in many ways, Joanna without the problems, esp those mis-matched italics). Think about it! And that other poster who asked for a dowloadable PDF–good point.

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