Help me finding a name for my typo!



25 Responses to “Help me finding a name for my typo!”

  1. jko Says:

    waa. es bastante bonito, esto. And in small sizes?

    i think “gracia” is a good name for a typo. is grace in spanish.
    like divine grace, you know. but in spanish is like “funny” also

    “It is funny” = “tiene gracia”

    saludos. jko.

  2. Rainer Says:

    What about ‘Ringading’? 🙂

  3. Ivo Says:

    Gouda …

  4. ░ Fontwerk ░ Typografie.Design.Zeitgeist » Schriftname gesucht Says:

    […] belgische Schriftgestalter Sébastien Sanfilippo sucht einen Namen für seinen neuen Font. Die seltene Chance also, sich auch in die Geschichtsbücher des Type Designs einzutragen. […]

  5. Simon Says:


  6. Sven Says:

    »Cradle« ?!

  7. stefan Says:





  8. Derya Says:




  9. sebsan Says:

    The idea is that the typeface is narrow and I would like to have a name that reflects that.

    Thanks for you suggestions so far:
    I am not sure about “Piarka” but “Parka” could be nice.
    “Cradle” could be a bit pretentious 😉
    “Okyanus” opens the door to too many jokes
    ” Beate”, How do you pronounce that?
    “Gouda”! Idon’t think so!
    “Gracia” is nice but lacks a bit of punch

  10. Simon Says:

    Beate. You pronounce it “be-a-te”

    I thought this font looks like good-old-fashioned lady. And in german there is an good-old timeless name for girls, ladies, mothers, midlife-crises or grandmas. I just google around, the name comes from the latin word “beātus” and means “lucky”.
    Mmh, I still like her.

  11. stk Says:


  12. Jan Says:


  13. Aakadasch Says:


  14. Mike Says:


  15. stefan Says:

    Serow – SErif, narROW

    Narif – NArrow, seRIF

  16. sebsan Says:

    Hi dudes!

    some interesting ideas here.
    I like the “serow, narif” idea but they don’t sound very sexy
    but i will definitely think about it

  17. stefan Says:

    @ sebsan: that’s true. what about slenda (from slender). the name got even a sl-ligature.

  18. sebsan Says:

    Very nice Stefan!
    I like Slenda a lot. That could be the name I was looking for.

  19. Nick Says:



    Raquo Lay


    The Gram

  20. stewf Says:

    I think Regata or Regatta was perfect. Words that surround boats and ships always seem well matched for type.

  21. Stephen Says:

    Ahh, I see Regatta is taken, but Regata still good.

  22. sebsan Says:

    Hey Stephen,

    I did like Regata, but I settled with Coral.
    Still has a connection with the marine theme which I also think is quite a good source for fonts names.


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