Coral is ready for presentation next week



6 Responses to “Coral is ready for presentation next week”

  1. sebsan Says:

    There are still a few kerning issues

  2. Kj Says:

    I envy you Sebastien. Great work!
    I cant wait to get to KABK Type and Media. I applied in february, Hoping to get an answer anytime soon. Jan Willem wrote me a month ago that they would answer me end of march. They still didnt. I am so nervous.

    Do u have any idea when do the acceptance list usually come out? and do they notify if i am rejected? I know i am exagerating … but i havent been this sure about what i want, and i am so anxious to know the result.

    Anyways… Keep up the good work…. will be checking ur blog for updates….

  3. sebsan Says:

    Hey Kj,

    thanks for the compliments

    If I remember well, I got an answer from Jan Willem at the end of April.
    I don’t know if they will let you know if you’re not selected since I was not in that situation. But I would imagine that they will tell you either way.

    All I can say is be patient.
    good luck

  4. Kj Says:

    Thanks Sebastien… im trying my best… its hard to be patient when ur so excited to do something … anyways … im hoping for the best … will let you know what happens.

  5. Kj Says:

    SEBASTIEN! ! ! ! !: ) 🙂 : ) : ) : ) 🙂

    IM IN !! ! ! !


  6. chelseawalton57092 Says:

    ah, mon chu00e9ri, quad comprendras-tu que mademoiselle Flory u00e9tait une vilaine vieille fille totalement du00e9pourvue de pu00e9dagogie et insensi Click

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