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Coral is ready for presentation next week

February 9, 2008



Help me finding a name for my typo!

November 28, 2007


Agenda? (possible name)

November 13, 2007

The scale ratio is a little wrong that’s why the roman looks lighter than the italic.regata02.gifregata01.gifclick on the pics to view a larger size 

Regata? (possible name)

November 4, 2007

alega03.gifClick to view larger size

Maybe it’s the other way around

October 21, 2007

The summer is over, I’ve found a flat and as promised I am posting the fruit of my typographic labour. Don’t forget to tell me what you’re thinking about it.alega02.jpgalega01.jpg 

T]M Graduation (photo update)

June 30, 2007

agile.jpgAgile by Edgar Walthert
congo-grad.jpgCongo by Sébastien Sanfilippo
honmun.jpgHonmun by Seonil Yun
mahy.jpgMahy by Marie Weynants
marat.jpgMarat by Ludwig Übele
mexa.jpgMexa by Eike Dingler
nikandra.jpgNikandra by Sonja Ladebusch
premiera.jpgPremiéra by Thomas Gabriel
sibe.jpgGenerated Fonts by Sibe Kokke

T]M Graduation 2006/07

June 28, 2007

Here are the all the final projects from the Type & Media departement. I am happy to let you know that everyone passed. The presentation went really well, everyone was quite relaxed and confident about their project. I also presented my porject although I was not graduating. I took this oportunity to talk about how I should approach my work during the next semester. My intention is to start a new typeface possibly influenced by completely different kind of construction principles. The jury suggested that I should clearly define the limits of my project. That is: What is the intended application for my typeface? What are the extremes and what falls outside of the limits of my project ? I am still unsure as how I will approach this new assignment but I am really motivated and I am looking forward to see everyone in september.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but my camera is crap!

grad-01.jpgPremiéra by Thomas Gabriel and Congo by Sébastien Sanfilippo

grad-02.jpgMarat by Ludwig Übele and Mexa by Eike Dingler

grad-03.jpgMahy by Marie Weynants

grad-04.jpgGenerated fonts by Sibe Kokke

grad-05.jpgAgile by Edgar Walthert

grad-06.jpgHonmun by Seonil Yun

grad-07.jpgNikandra by Sonja Ladebusch

Einde Examen Expositie

June 14, 2007

So that’s it. It’s the end of a long year for all the students of Type]Media. Unfortunatly or fortunatly, I wont be taking part in the graduation this year because I need more time to finish my work. I am very greatful that my teachers are offering me to spend more time to reflect on my work and to let it mature a bit more. So this blog is not over yet and there will be new stuff coming soon as I intend to work on a new typeface.


Congo & Congo Italic

May 31, 2007

Never thougth I would manage to draw the italic in three days. It’s amazing what I can do when I am stressed like hell. Bring the coffee and cigarettes!


4 weeks to go

May 28, 2007

Only four weeks left to finish my typeface and there is still so much to do.