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Summer in Brussels

August 22, 2007

I still haven’t found an appartement in Brussels and I am sleeping here and there. I will be on the street if I don’t find soon. But otherwise things are pretty good. I am working on my new typeface which will be posted on the blog soon but I also allow a bit of free time to enjoy the summer parties. The following pictures are from a wicked party which was held under the Atomium.  dsc_1548.jpgdsc_1574.jpg


Berlin Week

May 23, 2007

Berlin is melancholic and poignant, it’s a place of erasure and transfiguration. Its conflicting history is an integral part of its identity. I cannot escape the feeling that something else once stood here and its shadow is still present. It is as if I was walking through a movie set that is being slowly dismantled. Following are a few photos that illustrate my impressions of Berlin.

traffic signs by Knootchy