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Integrated Conference Antwerp

November 4, 2007


photo by Kippewit 




This is all I seem to have remembered from the conference: 

  • do what you want to do
  • don’t wait for clients
  • don’t do what your clients want you to do
  • lie to your clients if you need to
  • design is better when it’s art
  • new comes from the old
  • design is better when it’s unique

Best speakers in my opinion: 

  • Rick Poynor – I wish I could have unlimited Poynor access
  • René Knip – I never get bored to listen to this big kid
  • Ruedi Baur – I asked him for a job
  • Pierre di Scuillo – although I didn’t really undestand anything 

Maybe it’s the other way around

October 21, 2007

The summer is over, I’ve found a flat and as promised I am posting the fruit of my typographic labour. Don’t forget to tell me what you’re thinking about it.alega02.jpgalega01.jpg 

T]M student reunion and H.M.Q.

July 1, 2007

Have you ever seen so many proud geeks in one photo? Click the pic to get a better view (if you really have to!)


So in the end I didn’t meet the queen. What a shame! However, Ludwig, Sibe and Jan Willem talked about stone carving with her majesty. Apparently she knows quite a bit about typography.


Photos by Erik van Blokland

An introduction to type design

June 14, 2007

Yves Peters aka Unzipper wrote an interesting article about type design. The first part of a series of articles investigates the type designer as artist and tries to answer questions such as Why design new typefaces? or What constitutes good type design? It’s a good beginner’s read, something that would help my mom understand what the hell I am doing.

initial sketches for Greta by Peter Bil’ak

Typo Berlin

May 12, 2007


Next week all the type geeks will converge to Berlin to indulge in an orgy of typographic lectures. Naturally Type & Media will be present! Interestingly someone sent me a link about the nationalities that will be present at Typo-Berlin. The pie chart clearly shows that the germans are the majority of visitors. But what is surprising is the rather high number of Belgians compared to the Dutch and the Brits. There will be 37 belgians, that is almost twice as much as the dutch. OK, 37 is not a lot but if you think that we actually outnumber the “great-dutch-nation-of-typographers” then something must be happening in Belgium. How to explain this sudden interest for typography in Belgium? I can’t.

As far as I know type design stopped in belgium with Hendrik van den Keere around 1580. However, there seem to be a new generation of belgian type designer such as Jo De Baerdemaeker and Frederik Berlaen. But it remains very marginal and in an ever increasing globalized world the origins of the designers cary less and less importance. Don’t get me wrong, I am not nostalgic or a chauvinist, I am just curious to know why there is so much interest in typography in Belgium. This renewed interest will hopefully bring an end to more than 427 years of complete disregard for type design.

Feel free to correct me if i have omitted to mention other contemporary belgian type designers.

Letter Talk with Erik

February 2, 2007



find your way

January 28, 2007


Open Day at KABK

January 14, 2007


If you’re thinking of applying to TypeMedia program it’s a good idea to visit the school first. If it’s possible for you to come you should not hesitate to do so. There is nothing like meeting the students and the teachers to get a good idea of what the program feels like. At the end of the day I beleive that someone always chooses a course based on impressions and gut feeling. I am conviced that if you pay us a visit you will feel inspired. If you’re not sure yet what to go for there are other interesting postgrad programs like ArtScience or InteractiveMedia and I think there’s even something called Art & Sound. I hope to meet you on saturday 27th of January in the TypeMedia studio.


November 28, 2006

I am going to buy these fonts right now

With all this brohaha around the FREE FONT MANIFESTO I got an idea that could be a greater gift to humanity than improving typography. It’s the FONT FOR FREEDOM MANIFESTO! The idea is rather simple, if all the designers in the world bought at least one license for one of the hundreds of “illegal” fonts on their computer, the foundries could put all the money together to help pay the african debt. With that kind of gesture I am sure that typography will be in limelight for a while. I see a future when buying fonts will be super cool because Bono and Bob Geldoff do it too.


September 18, 2006


Finaly, it’s time to go to the academy and start the Type & Media course. First I met everyone in the cantine at ten. We are 9 in total which is 4 less then last year. This is good as we should get more time with our tutors.

At eleven we are shown the room where we will work the whole year. It’s rather tiny but there is enough room for everyone to feel fairly comfortable. Then we went around the school to look at all the workshops such as woodwork, silkscreen, photography, etc. Eventualy we went back to our room for the presentations. Everybody showed a short slide presentation with a beamer. It’s was nice to have an idea of what everybody made before coming to the academy. Some presentations were personal others where more about the work.

After the presentations we all had a well deserved drink in the backyard. It was a good time to ask Jan Willem Stas (director of Type & Media) all the questions we wanted to ask. I really wanted to ask him if he would let me write a blog about the course. As far as i know it’s ok for me to write a blog about Type & Media as long I don’t show or talk about poeple’s work without there consent. Since my intention is only to show my work I should not meet a lot of resistance.